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Print and branded merchandise still a powerful member engagement tool

With so many people working from home how do you engage with your members, its digital all the way isn’t it. Well yes the rise of digital engagement has been huge but there is still a place for branded merchandise. In fact just to put a scale on the digital impact in just one internet minute there were 156 million emails sent, 29 million messages fired, 1.5 million Spotify songs played, 4 million Google searches made, 2 million minutes of Skype calls made, 350,000 tweets sent, 243,000 photos posted on Facebook, 87,000 hours of Netflix watched, 65,000 pictures put on Instagram, 25,000 posts made on Tumblr, 18,000 matches on Tinder, and 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube.

So if you’re running a membership organisation, how do you get cut through, well maybe there is an answer after all there is still only one letter box.

Stats from the Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMail), shows that with more time at home, consumers have increased exposure to their direct mail and door drops and its ability to drive engagement and sales.

Door drops also achieved record levels of consumer engagement, with the average item interacted with 3.19 times, which represents 15% growth year-on-year.

Business mail, essentially addressed mail that contains some form of bill or statement, also reported higher interaction figures, up 7% to 4.87 times.

The various media have all recorded significant increases in the amount of time they stay in the home with all three effectively extending their lifespan by a day year-on-year:

  • Direct Mail 8.5 days

  • Door drops 6.9 days

  • Business mail 9.6 days

During that time, they are shared with family members and friends.

The problem with direct mail in the past is that its been not personalised or not requested, ie junk but with a membership organisation, people have paid to be part of it so it’s a natural form of engagement.

How does this affect membership organisations

Here are a few of the area’s associations can use branded merchandise for:

  • Social distance measuring communication stickers and sign boards for those still working in the offices

  • Targeted new membership drive maybe postcards

  • Branded facemasks

  • Branded fun quizzes and entertaining

  • Well done recognition gifts from chocolate to we care – these could be personal wellbeing

  • Zoom employee fun boxes

  • Branded clothing for employees to use on zoom calls

  • Recognition awards

  • Education programme collateral

  • Branded mugs to use on zoom calls

  • New member welcome packs may include a range of different items

  • New starter training packs these could be for branded folders

  • Branded certificates

If you want to find out more about how to use print or merchandise use the Membership World partner Synergy Print who specialise in print management and promotional merchandise fulfilment.


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