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Our community is tailored for association executives at the director level and beyond, individuals who bear the responsibility of reporting to the board, managing staff, and engaging, leading and serving members. If you find yourself in this role, Membership World is the perfect fit for you. We understand the challenges you face in solving complex problems, and our platform is designed to offer you authentic network of peers, agnostic and high-level education, and strategic guidance, enabling you to shine at your next board meeting.

Network. Collaborate. Learn.

Join Membership World and tap into a dynamic network of association executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners committed to shaping the future of associations. When you become a part of our community, you unlock access to collaborative events, small group learning opportunities, and peer-to-peer guidance from trusted allies, mentors, and like-minded individuals who share your dedication to excellence.

Why We Created Membership World

In today's challenging landscape for associations and nonprofits, survival and success require access to essential resources and a strong network that fosters forward-thinking, strategic planning, and adaptability. At Membership World, we understand your needs, and our platform was purposefully crafted to address them.

We empower association executives with the necessary tools to lead and create educational experiences that facilitate meaningful connections with others facing similar positions, sharing similar passions and challenges. This is why we proudly call ourselves a responsive community – because we are dedicated to helping you navigate the ever-changing demands of the local and global markets and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

As the challenges for nonprofit leaders intensify, the task of creating stakeholder value and staying resilient in the face of disruptions has become more demanding than ever. Leaders now recognise that relying solely on past experiences or confidants is insufficient to compete and triumph in the constant struggle for time, revenue, and engagement. In response to this critical need for transformational leadership Membership World was created. Our vision is to provide executives with the necessary tools and insights to lead differently in today's rapidly evolving industry landscape. By offering valuable resources and fostering a supportive community, Membership World aims to empower Association and Membership leaders to navigate these dynamic times with confidence and innovation.

Meet The Team

Gordon is the Founding Head and driving force behind Membership World.

A former Director General of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with associations, membership bodies, and charities. He also retains involvement with several other Associations.

He has spoken on membership matters at international events, and co-authored many industry reports. Gordon also hosts the Membership World Podcast, interviewing senior sector leaders. (You could be next!)

Gordon is well respected within the membership and influencer marketing industry and is best placed to direct his passion for supporting the community to benefit Members and Vetted Partners of Membership World.


Gordon Glenister

Sandie heads up the key function of Member and Partner Support at Membership World.

She is an enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with a passion to help our Members achieve and meet their goals. 

With significant experience in the sector Sandie is also the Director of Membership for the Meetings & Events Support Association.

She is a very loyal and dedicated part of the team and is best placed to support our Members and Vetted Partners with creative ideas, energy, support and leadership.

Member and Partner Support

Sandie McCoubrey

Tej holds a key role as Director of Membership and Commercial for Membership World.

He has over 15 years’ experience securing, developing and retaining relationships on behalf of trade associations, retail businesses and business service providers. 

Tej is former Head of Membership and Sales at the Institute of Hospitality and also previously held the position of Director of Membership at DMA UK

He is passionate about the delivery of exemplary service, and the building of long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. 

He works closely with our Members and commercial partners to facilitate optimal engagement and ensure benefit for all.

Director of Membership

Tej Daffu

Our Core Values 

  • To be action focused - By focusing on tangible outcomes

  • To be authentic - By being genuine, passionate, sincere, and transparent

  • To be inspiring and enthusiastic - By sharing ideas that create confidence and value

  • To build deeper trusting relationships - By focusing on supporting and nurturing others

Marinela has a wealth of experience in various companies working in finance and administration. She is a part time teaching assistant as well as working with the Membership World team. 


Marinela Rodrigues

Why We’re Unique

What sets Membership World apart is that we are not just another professional association; we are a genuine community. Together, we are driving innovation in the association realm, shaping what the future of associations.
1. Relevant, Executive-Level Programs: We offer programs that are tailored to your specific role, allowing you to master essential skills and bridge any educational gaps directly related to your responsibilities.
2. Low-Cost, High-Value: Our programs provides exceptional value, allowing you to access a peer-to-peer network where you can freely share resources and knowledge with others in the community.

3. Intentional Career Support: We curate specific and intentional discussions to bolster and support your professional growth and career development.
4. Connections with Distinguished Colleagues: By being part of Membership World, you gain valuable connections with accomplished colleagues, fostering opportunities for sharing knowledge, solutions, and new possibilities.
Make Membership World your primary resource. Apply now to become a part of our community - an esteemed fellowship worthy of your experience and tenure. Together, we are pioneering the path for the future of associations and nonprofit leadership.

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