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Vetted Partner

When associations, memberships and not-for-profit organisations are researching and exploring solutions to their challenges, it becomes very time consuming and at times haphazard reviewing 12 different supplier websites.

Association executives do not wish to be sold to, but they do value insights, thought leadership, and proven solutions to their problems that you can assist them in solving. They prefer to explore and research solutions and learn through videos, case studies, blogs, capabilities and specifications of products and services.

Until now, associations executives have not had access to a single source trustworthy for exploring, learning, and researching for proven solutions to a wide range of challenges from vetted providers. They need help in many diverse areas like change management, digital transformation, brand, and website design, legal and accounting, event management, IT services and technologies like CRM, AMS, LMS systems and more.

By joining the Vetted Partner Programme, you can showcase your thought leadership and expertise, establishing yourself as a trusted partner to executives in associations and membership organisations seeking solutions in your area of expertise.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our events or writing blogs for us. Please download our content guidelines.

This is your opportunity to inform, educate, and measure. Contact us to join the Membership World Vetted Partner Programme.

Membership World’s Solution Centre connects you with associations leaders and creates qualified marketing leads and opportunities.

“As a membership organisation we understand that digital transformation can be a challenging process, with one of the primary obstacles potentially being the time-consuming research and exploration of potential solutions. Therefore, we appreciate this approach as it could enable us to shortlist solution providers effectively and efficiently, ultimately helping us to save valuable time and make more informed decisions”. Chris Jones, CEO, England Athletics.

CEO Feedback

A Membership World Vetted Partner proudly displays our digital badge on their websites and in their communications.

Let us know if you would like further information and want to join the Membership World Vetted Partner Programme.  

How can I tell who is a Membership World Vetted Partner?

What is a Membership World Vetted Partner?

The Membership World Vetted Partner is a successful organisation with a proven track record in providing solutions to the associations, memberships and not-for profit-organisations. The vetting process covers almost 30 attributes covering credibility, capabilities, and support provided to their customers.

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