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Vetted Partner Programme

For You

We see Vetted Partners as equals and we want to treat your CEO no differently than an association CEO, knowing that the two can learn from each other.

A special opportunity to standout by informing, expanding, and ultimately directly engaging with qualified marketing leads throughout the year.

You will have exclusive access to the Vetted Partner Programme and the Membership Solutions Centre platform. You will have numerous ways and options to showcase your thought leadership and expertise, establishing yourself as a trusted partner to the executives in associations and membership organisations seeking solutions in your area of expertise.

The Membership World Vetted Partner Programme’s primary goals are to verify, distinguish and highlight the solution provider’s proven capabilities helping leaders achieve their goals.

For Associations Leaders

Reviewing 12 and more different providers listed on the current supplier directories is ineffective because it quickly becomes very time consuming and at times haphazard when researching and exploring solutions to their challenges.

It’s helpful saving time and very important to connect with a short list of independently vetted solution providers who have relevant knowledge, experience, and successful track record.

Until now, executives and leaders have not had on demand access to a single source trustworthy for exploring, learning, and researching solutions to a wide range of challenges. 

What is a Membership World Vetted Partner?

The Membership World Vetted Partner is an organisation with a proven track record in successfully providing solutions to the associations, memberships and not- for-profit organisations. The holistic vetting covers credibility, capabilities, and support provided to customers.

What is the Partner Vetting Process?

The partner vetting process covers less than 30 attributes aimed at understanding and verifying your capabilities, specialisms, and support. The process aims to demonstrate your commitment to meeting standards and having satisfied customers.  

How can I tell who is a Membership World Vetted Partner?

A Membership World Vetted Partner proudly displays our digital badge on their websites and in their communications.

Vetted Partner Programme FAQ

Let us know if you are seeking advice or need further information about any of the Membership World Vetted Partners.  


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