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Is your ad sales strategy 2024-ready? Find out with this 5-point health check

By Guest Contributor Mark Toland

UK membership organisations collectively left thousands of pounds worth of potential revenue on the table in 2023, due to one common gap in their strategic plan

They had no advertising sales strategy

If yours is one of the hundreds of UK membership organisations that still has no strategic sales plan for 2024, here are a few headline facts you need to know.

  • Advertising sales is a zero cost revenue stream for most membership organisations

  • The best advertisers are actively seeking opportunities to engage with membership communities like yours

  • Strategic advertising will actively enhance your readers' experience

  • Less is more for ad-sales success

  • Advertising budgets for 2024 are being allocated right now

So how can you tell whether your organisation is one of the hundreds that fo are currently missing out on zero-cost revenues from high-quality advertisers?

One of Membership World's vetted partners Bourne Media are offering a FREE advertising Revenue Strategy Audit where they focus on 5 areas. They pick out the tel-tell signs that you may be missing out on brand-aligned ad spend.

Here are 5 points to focus on today so you can health check your own advertising revenue right now ahead of 2024

  1. List your main membership communications channels; print and digital. How many are you currently using to carry brand-aligned advertising? Could you be using more?

  2. Review your current advertising packages. Are you providing high-value, innovative opportunities to reward and retain the best advertisers - at the best rates

  3. Review tour current advertising space. Are you leveraging the scarcity factor to create high-value, must-buy advertising space options for the best advertisers?

  4. Review your current advertising contracts. Are you creating long-lasting omnichannel packages that give you peace of mind for the months to come?

  5. Review the advertising trends in your sector: are you leading the field in your pricing and your innovation - or are you lagging behind?

If you want to take up the offer of an Advertising Revenue Strategy Audit contact Mark Toland from Bourne Media on 07771 881251


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