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Top AI Tools for Association Executives in 2024

Updated: Feb 2

Author - Leo Morejon | Co-Chair - AI Marketers Guild (AIMG)

Before we delve into tools, I also want to offer some food for thought regarding legal and privacy issues: It's wise to consider your users' privacy, as well as local laws and ethical considerations when collecting and using data.

You can begin by utilizing my free AI Policy Generator. Additionally, think about the vendors you're using that might employ AI, and inquire about their data usage methods.

Likewise, here are some of the top questions from other association executives like yourself in regards to AI tools to warm things up and get us thinking:

1.ㅤㅤㅤ Can AI tools enhance content creation and SEO for association websites?

  • Absolutely! AI tools are game-changers in content creation and SEO. They can analyze top-performing content, suggest relevant keywords, optimize for SEO, and even articles. Think less admin work, more strategic thinking.

2. In what ways can AI improve community management and member engagement?

  • AI can be a powerhouse for community management and member engagement. It can personalize interactions, analyze member feedback, automate responses, and even predict member needs. It's like having a supercharged community assistant.

3. Can AI be utilized in planning and executing successful events? 

  • Yes, AI is a amazing at event planning and execution. It help within planning, streamline registration processes, and more. It's like adding a turbo boost to your event planning engine.

4. What role does AI play in creating educational content and training programs for associations?

  • AI plays a huge role in educational content and training. It can customize learning paths, offer real-time assistance, analyze learning outcomes, and keep content up-to-date. It's like having a smart, adaptive learning coach for each member.

5. Can translation and accessibility tools powered by AI expand an association's reach?

  • Yes, AI-powered translation and accessibility tools can massively expand an association's reach. They break language barriers, make content universally accessible, and ensure inclusivity. It's like having a universal communicator at your fingertips.

6. What are the benefits of using AI for research and data analysis in association management?

  • Lots! AI in research and data analysis offers precision insights, identifies trends, automates data collection, and provides actionable recommendations. It's like having a crystal ball that actually works for your association's strategy.

Let's now explore the topics most vital to association executives and AI tools that can assist all association executives in achieving their goals.Notes: 

  • ChatGPT & Similar Tools: Using tools like ChatGPT (and other LLMs) is a great choice, as they can perform many (if not all) of the functions that the tools mentioned below can. A reason to consider the tools below and others like them is that they are purpose-driven, utilizing LLMs (like ChatGPT) to build upon specific use cases. This allows you to offload resources (such as learning and developing) to them and keeps you focused on doing what you do best.

  • Tools Listed: The tools listed are based on descriptions from the companies' websites, and I may not have personal experience with each one.

Content Creation and Management

  • Jasper: Enterprise-grade AI tools to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance.

  • OpusClip: A generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click.

Community Engagement / Event Management

  • Glue Up: A membership software that combines AI and automation to improve member engagement and event management. It offers features such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and predictive analytics to help associations manage routine inquiries, provide tailored content, and improve event experiences.

  • Gatherly: Design incredible events with AI, all on a platform that lets you walk around and meet new people, just like in real life.

Data Analysis and Behavior Prediction

  • AcumenAI: AcumenAI is a data analytics platform built to find actionable insights for associations.

  • Predictive Analytics in Glue Up: Glue Up's AI Copilot offers predictive analytics, which helps associations transition from a reactionary stance to a proactive strategy by providing insights into member behavior and preferences.

Educational Content and Training

  • Courseau: Courseau is an education platform that uses your existing content to generate interactive online courses, with the help of AI.

  • EdApp: Create courses in a click of a button – no brainstorm, research, or strike of inspiration necessary.

Translation and Accessibility

  • Mate Translate: All-in-one translator for web pages, highlighted text, & Netflix subtitles. Translate and learn words in 103 languages. Just like a real-life mate has your back, Mate Translate Extension for Chrome has you covered for all your translation needs.

  • DeepL: Spend less time translating and more time on the task at hand. No matter what or where you're translating, DeepL Pro ensures it's accurate, secure, and tailored to your needs.

Research and Data Collection

  • Monkey Learn: MonkeyLearn makes it simple to clean, label and visualize customer feedback — all in one place.

  • Riddle: Get higher customer engagement and unlimited first-party data with Riddle’s world-class quiz maker.

These are just some of the tools that can make an impact on the lives of association executives everywhere and new ones are being created every day. AI Tools for Association Executives should be on your to-do list for 2024

The best tool one can have is a growth mindset. Learn as much as you can, test out new tools, ask around; a growth mindset will ensure you thrive even when things are changing.

We’re also a welcoming bunch over at the AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), and I invite anyone to join as knowledgeable AI marketers are consistently sharing tools and we’re also building a robust AI tool directory.

About the Author

Leo Morejon (Co-Chair at the AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), with over 16 years of experience, is a versatile leader whose career spans ad agencies, brand marketing, and SaaS sectors. His journey includes launching various ventures as well as impactful work across renowned brands like Oreo and Coke, earning him industry honors such as a Cannes Lion and a CLIO. Leo has shared his marketing and MarTech knowledge as a committed educator at Iowa State and West Virginia University. He also holds the role of Co-Chair at the AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), reflecting his deep engagement in the marketing and technology fields.


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